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How you think is the foundation to your organization's entire planning to action cycle. Our methodology provides you with rigorous individual tools and organization processes to bring agility and vitality to your organization

Stories are “data with a soul” containing tremendous wisdom when combined into a larger tapestry of understanding. These memes, micro-narratives, and images become part of the terrain of a broader landscape of the system. 


Our technology will capture both the narratives and the meaning behind them.

You need a map of your critical decisions and outcomes in an easy to understand visualization. It must include the knowledge systems that feed your decisions and the processes upon which you implement your decisions.


Through Strategic Design, we can help you identify the risks and potential strategies needed to improve the vitality of your organization.




We are a boutique strategic consultancy specializing in complex challenges. 

Our Team brings decades of strategy, planning, and leadership experience to solve wicked problems through active sensemaking technology which leads to streamlined solutions to help your organization run smoother, faster, and smarter.


Active Sensemaking Technology - Powered by

We combine both qualitative and quantitative data collection into a rich pattern analysis of any complex human system.

  • We Create Sensemaking Systems: Customized for your particular challenges and needs

  • ​We Design Decision Systems: Tied directly to your business objectives and the foresight gained through sensemaking

  • ​We Optimize Operations: Turning your decisions into profitable action.

Our Team


A Model for Action

Active Sensemaking and Applied Critical Thinking

Art of Strategic Leadership

You will learn individual, organizational and intangible strategic leadership competencies through the lens of men and women generalship!

Women Leaders:

 Powerful, Proud, Provocative

This course focuses first on the woman and her ability to thrive, persevere and compete while leading so they can fully attain their life and career goals.

Hand-to-Hand Leadership: 

The H2H Guidebook is for all leaders, regardless of level or assigned position, to use for the express purpose of developing and refining leadership skills. This will serve as your guide to use as you lead, teach, and develop.